Exile emerged in February 2015 as a satellite project to the Cork Community Printshop in the southern Irish city. It was set up in an old motorbike garage, a raw industrial space, to include a display element to the creative venue. We organized a number of shows during that year, inviting local and other artists based in Ireland to present some of their work.

A little suitcase store was another component of the project, offering a small selection of prints and zines by various artists.

Since then it evolved into what we’ve called a micro-bookshop, which proposes publications from exciting independent publishers.
Exile participated in a number of events around the country; such as an exhibition in Filter Cafe (Cork), a Repeater event with djs and independent labels (Dublin), the opening of the residency space in Greywood Art Centre (Killeagh, co. Cork)… We aim to organise many more.